Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing in Boise

Floor Refinishing

Has your hardwood floor become dull and lifeless? Does it have scratches or other damages? Do you live in or around Boise or Nampa? If you answered yes to the above questions, you need services from Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. Our expert team of flooring contractors are certified and insured to bring you the best in hardwood floor refinishing. We offer our refinishing services to both residential and commercial businesses in and around Boise, ID. For more info, check out our services, or give us a call.

Why Refinish your Hardwood Floors?

Over time, your hardwood flooring will become damaged and lose its shine. This is from regular, everyday wear and tear. Heavy traffic areas are the most affected; however, one small area can throw off the look of the entire room. Refinishing hardwood floors is an easy way to restore the beauty of your flooring without installing a new floor. Refinishing can remove deep scratches and other damages, all while returning the luster. Hardwood floors will last a lifetime if maintained properly.

With regular professional cleaning and regular maintenance coats, you will not need to refinish your floors as often. If your floors can’t be restored through maintenance coats and cleaning, Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. will give you the option of floor refinishing. It is more cost-effective than new floor installation and can be done within a couple of days. If your Boise flooring is looking lifeless, give Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. a call. We will gladly check it to see if you need full floor refinishing services.

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