Hardwood Flooring Installation in Caldwell – Luxury Vinyl Flooring – Hardwood Floor Cleaning – Floor Refinishing


Finding the perfect flooring contractor can be a stressful job. Luckily for Caldwell, ID you have Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. Our team of insured and certified flooring contractors provides services to both residential and commercial businesses in and around Caldwell. We offer high-quality products at reasonable rates.

Some of our more common services are:

If you need any type of flooring service, give us a call! Our contractors are available to help with all your flooring needs.


Caldwell, ID is in Canyon County and is the county seat. Caldwell is part of the Boise Metro area and is home to the College of Western Idaho and College of Idaho. Caldwell, ID is also home to Indian Creek, which runs throughout downtown. Caldwell is home to many residential neighborhoods, including Manchester, Willow Falls, Brookfield, and Southgate. Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. services the entire city of Caldwell, Boise, and neighboring cities.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is a new type of flooring that is durable and waterproof. Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. only offers the best in flooring and luxury vinyl plank flooring is the best in vinyl. This type of flooring has many options, styles, and stains. It will work perfect for your Caldwell home or business and can be installed anywhere! Below are just some of the reasons to choose luxury vinyl flooring for your next floor.


Hardwood flooring is elegant. You can get many different looks from a hardwood floor. Stains and styles are countless. Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. is happy to provide Caldwell, ID and the surrounding cities with complete hardwood flooring services. Our floor specialists offer hardwood floor installation services, as well as repairs, refinishing, and maintenance services. If you want to add value to your home or business, while giving it a new look, give us a call. We have numerous options for your hardwood flooring needs.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning
and Maintenance Coats

Did you know that hardwood floors can benefit from professional cleanings and maintenance coats? As your hardwood floor ages, it will lose its vitality. Luckily, Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. provides hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance coats to the Caldwell area. Our team of specialists offers our services to both businesses and homes. Small scratches and no shine, can lead to an unattractive floor. However, with our professional cleaning and maintenance coats, small scratches will vanish, and your floor will look new again. For more info on this affordable service, give us a call.

Floor Refinishing

Refinishing a floor is a major undertaking, but it is cheaper than new hardwood floor installation. If you have an older hardwood floor that has been damaged, Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. provides floor refinishing. With hardwood floor refinishing, we are able to remove scratches and other damages. We can then apply a new stain so that your Caldwell floor looks new again. Our team of specialists offers a huge selection of stain options for your floor refinishing needs. If you are tired of your floor looking lifeless, give us a call! We promise to bring the life back to your hardwood flooring!


Caldwell, ID is a lovely city and one Classic Hardwood Floors, Inc. enjoys working in. Our team of flooring contractors provide unlimited flooring services to business owners and residential areas throughout the city. We are often in or around Caldwell Industrial Airport, Jefferson Park, Airport Ave, Beech St. and Southgate Subdivision, but offer our services to neighboring cities in and around Caldwell. If you need hardwood or vinyl flooring, give us a call. We provide installation services, repairs, refinishing, resurfacing, and maintenance.

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